Fractal structures are often used to maximize performance of exchange surfaces, that’s why the radiator shape is inspired by the Peano space filling curve.

Octocube, the radiator inspired by the Peano space fillin curve. Design Vivien Muller
Octocube radiator assembly method
Octocube radiator is made of plumbing joins

On the contrary to what it might seem; this complicated volume is quite easy to build. Create a first module by assembling 8 plumbing joins while performing each time a 90° rotation. Repeat the operation to create 8 modules of 8 joins that you will assemble together to build a cube of 64 joins. You will need 8 cubes of 64 joins to reach the end layout.

The final 34 cm³ structure achieves an excellent heat output thanks to a 2 m² surface area.