It often tends to be forgotten, but a product’s packaging is also an important decision to make.
Not only for the brand to forge itself an image through a good looking boxing, but also to protect a fragile device that could suffer important shocks during the shipment process.


The actual packaging of Ulo consists of a simple yet good looking and robust brown cardboard cylindrical box, that opens from the top. The box contains a bird, a pouch for the bird, a magnet to mount it to the wall, a micro USB cable and a user guide.

The cylindrical box allows us not to use another cardboard box to ship the product: it helps save the planet by reducing our carbon footprint. It’s also a recycled and recyclabe material.

Another advantage of this specific packaging is that it takes less volume than a square box.

Ulo uses common AA rechargeable batteries, that are easily exchangeable, recyclable and can be found everywhere. In the pursuit of eco-friendliness, the batteries can be (should be) taken to the nearest authorized recycling center.

The choices of using recyclable plastic, cardboard tube for packaging, common rechargeable batteries were motivated by the company’s deep respect for the environment. In fact, environmental preservation holds a special place in our ethics.

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