Meet Bearbot, the adorable device that will make life easier. The species was first discovered in Luxembourg, right inside our offices!

Bearbot universal remote control

Studies show that households suffer from germ invasion, and that remote controls appear among the most contaminated objects.

By allowing you not to touch your traditional remotes, Bearbot keeps germ at a distance!

Bearbot is a universal remote using these protocols: Infrared, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Radio.

Bearbot remote control

His chubby figure livens up through a 1.44 inch TFT screen.

Thanks to a 3D gesture controller, Bearbot is able to recognize your gestures and convert them into commands for your home appliances.

Bearbot completely recharges his batteries via induction (Qi system) in approximately 4 hours.

Bearbot replaces as many remotes as you wish.

The screen always displays the logo of the appliance you are about to control.

You can intuitively rank and modify your devices list at any time on the app, according to your very own uses.

Switching between devices is made easy:

  • A gesture from up to down allows you to switch to the next device

  • A gesture from bottom to top allows you to switch to the previous device


Mini Bearbot is a relay for Bearbot’s signal. If there’s an obstacle on the way or if Bearbot is too far from the device (>5 meters), mini Bearbot comes to the rescue!

It’s also possible to accumulate several functions for one gesture only:

Find out more about the bear and its cub, here.

Bearbot remote control universal