Electree mini

Inspired by bonsaï trees and fractal patterns found in nature, Electree mini provides solar-derived power to environments typically void of renewable energy.


The perfect appleWatch / smartWatch companion

Turn your Electree into a lantern
Electree mini, the perfect smartwatch companion

Electree Mini stores solar energy in small batteries. You can use them directly to power your appliances, like a remote control.

Two modules can be connected to Electree to extend its functionalities:

  • Electree + USB provides a 1A standard USB port. If you live in a sunny country, you’ll be able to recharge your smartphone everyday. Electree mini is also a formidable companion for your smart watch, even with a cloudy weather you'll always be able to recharge it.
  • Electree + LED turns your solar tree into a color changing lantern. It’s completely autonomous, since solar cells are light sensors, the module will automatically light up at dusk. To change color, you just have to rotate the Electree mini.