Electree is a modern sculpture imitating a bonsai. Its leaves are small photovoltaic panel.

It allows to recharge your mobile devices without using any other energy than light.

Electree is delivered in modules which you assemble to create your own tree. This method makes it possible to produce an infinity of different shapes. You can model it according to your wishes and at the same time optimize the orientation of the photovoltaic cells and thus increase its effectiveness.

The 27 solar panels installed at the tip of the branches capture the solar energy which is then stored in the 2 500 mAh battery (an iPhone holds a 1 500mAH battery, for instance) located under the panel of the bonsaÏ.

Once charged, this accumulator feeds a USB port.

Electree can only be placed inside, ideally placed close to a window to capture a maximum amount of solar energy throughout the day.

Electree was produced in a very limited edition. It is no longer available for sale.