The Power Plant

I had the first idea about the Electree mini in 2007, shortly after my graduation in design. In order to find a job I decided to illustrate this concept and put it on internet. I did not expect such an enthusiasm for this product. Many journalist contacted me and demand was big.


"Solar Tree Concept Is the World's Best Looking Solar Gadget Charger" - > > > Gizmodo

"Definitely a decorative way to go green!" - > > > Yanko Design

"A delightful plant that requires no watering and sustains your gadgets by harnessing the power of the sun" - > > > inhabitat

"The modular nature of the design allows the user to model the tree as they prefer" - > > > designboom

"A concept debuted by Muller a few years back, and we've wanted it ever since" - > > > Gizmodo

"It is a perfect combination of aesthetics, ecology and functionality" - > > > CrazyEngineers

"Finally, a bonsai tree that uses solar power to charge your gadgets" - > > > Engadget


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