Laquenexy Fruit Gardens Hut

This hut is unique and connected to the garden.

With a high degree of discretion in the design, it was possible to detach the idea of the traditional hut.

A structure inspired by nature quickly become obvious.

All living things are composed of basic patterns that repeat themselves as they grow. These fractals are particularly visible in plants and shellfish. The cabin structure is actually quite simple, it’s composed of concentric rings around a pivot axis. It is modeled on the same principle of construction observed in nature. Its organic look calls the visitor to his discovery.

The choice of steel, beyond its obvious strength, echoes the industrial heritage of my region. This material is already very present in the garden. It also helps make the lightest possible structure.

The ultimate goal is that nature and visitor, appropriate the hut. Once completely covered with plants, the designer's work disappears to let a green blanket envelop its occupants.

Cabane - Jardins fruitiers de Laquenexy - Designer Vivien Muller