Bearbot, a cute universal remote at your command.

Meet Bearbot, an adorable and playful companion willing to make your life easier! Bred in Luxembourg, this domestic bear is looking for a loving home to settle down in. 

From the moment he is tamed, Bearbot responds immediately to each of your commands.

Bearbot is your loyal companion!

  • Bearbot

Bearbot is an universal remote using following protocols: infrared, bluetooth, zigbee and radio.

His virtual face livens up through his 1.44 inch TFT screen and he is able to detect your gestures thanks to a 3D gesture controller.

Bearbot completely recharges his batteries via induction (Qi system) in approximatively four hours.

  • Mini Bearbot

Mini Bearbot has no screen and is not interactive. He is a relay that enables to expand the infrared range.

The cub becomes indispensable when Bearbot stands too far from the device (more than 5 meters) or is hidden behind an obstacle.

He functions with two LR3 batteries.

How to tame your Bearbot

Bearbot only needs to be trained once to learn the basic tricks. The mobile application tames him to identify the different remote control units:

Bearbot replaces as many remotes as you wish.

It is also possible to accumulate several functions in one gesture:


Bearbot can always learn more commands…

How to interact with Bearbot

After his first training session, Bearbot is already tamed. Your companion pays attention to every gesture you make:

His senses allow him to detect your movements thanks to a revolutionary 3D gesture recognition sensor.

Bearbot always displays the logo of the appliance you are about to control. You can rank and modify your devices list at any time on the app to simplify your navigation.

Moving from one device to another is easy :

  • A gesture from up to down allows you to switch to the next device
  • A gesture from bottom to top allows you to switch to the previous device

Beyond your interactions, Bearbot can still surprise you with spontaneous behaviors: sneezing, dancing, falling asleep…

A direct relationship

In order to always get his full attention, you better keep Bearbot nearby. We recommend to have Bearbot close to hand.

If he stands on the coffee table, you can use your foot but the motion should be performed accurately.

A healthy relationship

Source : NSF International Household Germ Study, 2011

According to a study conducted by NSF International, remote controls count among the top spots for bacteria at home.

Bearbot prevents from providing a breeding ground for germs: by the time he is in place you no longer have to constantly manipulate him.

When you’re cooking for instance, you don’t even have to wash your hands as you don’t touch him.

A long distance relationship

Bluetooth’s, ZigBee’s and Radio's ranges are around 5 meters in a household environment.

In case Bearbot is too far from the device (more than 5 meters) or is hidden behind an obstacle, mini Bearbot relays the infrared information.

Bearbot’s cub is also part of the adoption program.