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The Power Plant

I had the first idea about the Electree mini in 2007, shortly after my graduation in design. In order to find a job I decided to illustrate this concept and put it on internet. I did not expect such an enthusiasm for this product. Many journalist contacted me and demand was big.


"Solar Tree Concept Is the World's Best Looking Solar Gadget Charger" - > > Gizmodo

"Definitely a decorative way to go green!" - > > Yanko Design

"A delightful plant that requires no watering and sustains your gadgets by harnessing the power of the sun" - > > inhabitat

the modular nature of the design allows the user to model the tree as they prefer" - > > designboom

But I had no idea where to begin, and it took me 3 years to find someone to help me develop and manufacture the Electree.

"A concept debuted by Muller a few years back, and we've wanted it ever since" - > > Gizmodo

"It is a perfect combination of aesthetics, ecology and functionality" - > > CrazyEngineers

"Finally, a bonsai tree that uses solar power to charge your gadgets" - > > Engadget

Then I dedicated 2 years to create Electree mini. Except for electronic components, which are handled by a professional electronic engineer, I personally developed every aspect of the product.

Except for the solar cells, all the parts are produced in France.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Electree mini be able to recharge my tablet/iPad?

No, photovoltaic technology is not powerful enough yet.

Why is the first Electree not available anymore?

It was a very limited edition, 300 specimens.

I stopped the production because I wasn’t satisfied by the quality of the Chinese factory.

What happened with the Electree+ campaign on another crowdfunding website?

It was a scam.

Someone stole my identity and I actually pressed charges._

A fake Google+ account and e-mail was enough to set up the fraud. The two other individuals that curated the content for the KS campaign were unaware of the identity theft until I messaged them. To date I have no Facebook / Twitter / Google + account.

Can I place my Electree mini outdoor?

Yes! You will harvest much more energy. But be careful, you must avoid heavy rain.


How many times will it take to recharge my phone?

Many parameters must be taken in account: exposure to direct sunlight, capacity of batteries etc…

With the USB module your appliances will charge as quickly as usual, because you’re just transferring stored energy from the batteries.

What is it made of?

Mainly ABS plastic & Polycarbonate, which are highly recyclable. There’s no single drop of glue inside the Electree mini, you can disassemble it very easily.

If you need any specific information about this product, feel free to contact me:

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